Gruppo DAC

Bringing Italian flavors to the world

We want to bring the taste of Italy to the whole world by selecting the best local producers and the most prestigious brands, spreading the soul of Italian cuisine.

Product range

Our assortment includes more than 25,000 products in all categories (dry, fresh, frozen, beverages, wines, and non-food), always updated with the latest market trends.

We offer products from the most famous Italian brands as well as certified local specialties such as DOP and IGP products. We also have a large collection of DAC brands.

Unique services


We export to new frontiers

Customized pallets

DAC Group offers the ability to customize pallets with either mixed products or a single item. With no quantity restrictions, DAC Group allows you to order as little as a single box.

Fast order processing

We process international orders within a maximum of 5 days: we prepare pallets destined for overseas quickly, with unparalleled efficiency, and in strict compliance with international transport regulations.

Exclusive partnerships

We have exclusive partnerships with top industry players such as international and intercontinental suppliers, manufacturers, and transporters.

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