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One academy, many professionals.

Welcome to the DAC Academy, where our mission is to provide high-quality training to our commercial agents, enabling them to promote the characteristics of DAC-branded products throughout the territory.

We love the attention to detail and professionalism. That is why our training courses are not limited to a general overview of our catalog but specialize in the study of the seafood market and its excellence, frozen products, the best wine labels, and much more.

Our interactive courses provide a stimulating learning experience that guides our agents toward continued professional growth.

The highest level of training

Targeted training

DAC Academy invests in the professional development of its agents. Through targeted training courses, we create industry professionals capable of spreading the excellence of Italian gastronomy, symbolized by DAC-branded products, both nationally and internationally.

The tools

A unique training experience thanks to interactive courses and the best experts in the field: these are the two best tools with which we expand our agents’ knowledge, promoting the products of the Italian gastronomic scene at 360°.

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