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DAC Meat Lab is a business unit composed of industry experts who not only select and test the finest meats but also train our consultants

Our 5 lines for 4 different origins are Kobieta (rump) and Baron Byk (bull) from Poland, Rubin Rouge from France, Merida from Spain, and Quinn from Ireland.

Enriching the assortment are commercial exclusives that DAC Meat Lab has established for the brand Juan Navarro Seleccionand a Hereford cross line from Uruguay.


Selection and Care

DAC Meat Lab’s staff takes great care in identifying the areas, breeds, and cuts that best meet the needs of our customers.

To guarantee the continuity of quality over time, the definition of specifications is essential and requires in-depth knowledge and proven experience.

mucca nei campi
mucche al pascolo per eccellenza delle carni

Highlighted for
this brand

Our Wagyu selection:

  • Highest marbling grade (BMS GRADE A5)
  • Ribeye, strip loin, and chuck roll only
  • Special skin processing
  • Brand new, the Yakiniku, a typical Japanese cut, individually packaged in 150gr skins
  • Monthly air import from Japan to ensure great freshness.
dac meat lab carne merida selezione dalla spagna

This brand selection:

Merida, the selection from Spain

Tenderness is one of the main characteristics of Merida meat, which is elegant in taste and not overly marbled. The very fine texture is light ruby red, the fat is white and firm, and the flavor tends to be sweet.

Quinn carne di selezione irlandese di DAC meat lab

This brand selection:

our Irish choice

Quinn represents the best of what the Irish market has to offer. Selected farms have cattle that spend most of the year on pasture, moving freely and feeding on fresh grass, which makes their meat taste great. The grass is very nutritious and in this case full of beta-carotene, hence the yellow-orange color of the fat.

carne kobieta della Polonia dac meat lab

This brand selection:

Kobieta and Baron Byk, selections from Poland

Careful research of the most modern and technological slaughterhouses (which obtain the best raw material) with selectors in the field for greater compliance with defined standards. This has allowed us to study a proposal of cuts perfect to reconcile the needs of the chef with the natural raw material.

carne rubis

This brand selection:

Rubis Rouge,
the selection from France

Rubis Rouge is a selection of lean, good-looking French meats with a delicate taste and a high cutting yield.

Ideal for customers who do not like excessive fat or infiltration.

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