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We are the ideal partner for the food service industry

Reliability and on-time delivery are essential in this industry, where we are the undisputed leader.

Mass catering

Reliability, efficiency, and convenience: the cornerstones of the food service industry that underpin the services offered by the DAC Group.

We specialize in the supply of fresh, high quality and reasonably priced food, ensuring a reliable and high standard canteen service.

Our long experience in this field has enabled us to develop a strong know-how and to study a complete range of products for collective catering, including food and non-food products, beverages, detergents, and disposable equipment.

ristorazione collettiva e pietanze per mense DAC

What we can offer

Capillarity and punctuality

We are flexible and punctual. We consider it essential to deliver the raw materials selected by our customers on time and in optimal conditions to guarantee the highest quality and freshness of the product.

Wide range

A wide range of products to satisfy every professional in the sector: a result of the constant search for the best in Italian gastronomy, appreciated worldwide for its great variety.


Our strength is price: we offer high quality, fresh and genuine products at competitive prices. We know the importance of a convenient solution without sacrificing taste or quality.

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