Gruppo DAC


Always our core business

Catering is the core business of our company, a sector that we approach with passion and the expertise of professional consultants who know how to recommend the most suitable products for your menu.

Commercial catering

Innovation, a wide range of products and haute cuisine: the three reasons why we are a benchmark in catering.

Every restaurant that chooses the DAC Group chooses a catalog full of excellence, including the culinary novelties of the moment.

In addition to the standard ranges, we have the best gourmet products to accompany the daily haute cuisine.

What we can offer

Advice and experience

With more than 50 years of experience in commercial catering, we can offer the best advice to any restaurant that relies on our services. We promote new trends in haute cuisine and offer targeted and personalized advice.

Capillarity and punctuality

We are capillary and punctual. We consider it essential to deliver the raw materials selected by our customers on time and in the best conditions to guarantee the highest quality and freshness of the product.

Passion for research

We are explorers of the world of food&beverage. Our passion for research and our curiosity for what is new drive us to constantly find new products that follow the trends in the restaurant industry and add value to any cuisine.

A large wine cellar

Our wine selection includes more than a thousand Italian and international labels. It can satisfy all catering operators, allowing every combination of food and wine and keeping up with the latest international enology.

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