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Leading the way in corporate sustainability. We see investing in the environment future as a competitive advantage and a fundamental form of corporate responsibility.

We continually strive to reduce our environmental footprint by exploring new opportunities and promoting sustainability throughout the foodservice industry.

Our commitment to sustainability

Protecting the environment

Every action can make a difference: we have achieved ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

In addition, the installation of 30,000 square meters of solar panels demonstrates the importance we place on protecting the environment, preferring the use of renewable energy sources over traditional ones.

As a result, we have transformed the Flero hub into an almost energy self-sufficient operations center.

pannelli solari
tutela dell'ambiente e attenzione al pianeta - gruppo DAC


Our products are certified by the Ecolabel, which ensures that strict environmental standards are met throughout the product lifecycle.

We carefully select our suppliers, giving preference to those who use sustainable packaging, reduce the use of plastics, and operates in an environmentally responsible manner.

Green products

We are proud to offer a wide range of green products that meet the demands of sustainability and quality.

Our range includes PGI, PDO and GPP certified products, and we support local agriculture by promoting fresh, organic and zero food miles, providing countless environmental benefits.

i prodotti verdi di DAC e la sostenibilità
pasta corta italiana biologica sul tavolo
pesca sostenibile gruppo dac
acquacoltura sostenibile con pescherecci gruppo DAC

Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture

We are a company that believes in sustainability at 360°, in fact we are active in the protection of marine ecosystems by promoting sustainable fishing and aquaculture.

Our MSC and ASC certifications are proof of our commitment to environmentally responsible seafood.

Animal Welfare

We address animal welfare in our supply chain by working with suppliers who adopt ethical and sustainable standards recognized by the MSC and ASC. Our first priority is to provide high quality products without compromising animal health.

mucca libera al pascolo per il benessere animale - gruppo DAC
mucche al pascolo per il benessere animale - sostenibilità in DAC spa

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