Gruppo DAC


A wide range of dry goods, a symbol of Italian culinary tradition

The best cuts of meat: a careful selection of meats from all over the world

A sea of flavors that gathers the best varieties of fish from the seafood sector

The best frozen products in a wide range of high quality products

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A wine cellar with over 1,850 Italian and international labels

A selection of the best Italian and foreign cured meats and dairy products

Freshness and quality guaranteed for an authentic and high quality dining experience

Hearty and delicate are the cheeses on our menu, both Italian and foreign

Our assortment

Dry products

From pasta to oil, from natural to pickled, from jams to everything you need for breakfast, we have a dry food assortment in which DAC brands such as Arco and Veritas Breakfast are the stars.

Our range of dry goods is the most complete in terms of the number of brands and products, and the constant confrontation with our customers’ needs pushes us to expand our assortment more and more, day by day. 

Tazza con yogurt, cereali e frutta
pesce congelato

Frozen products

From crisp vegetables to juicy meats, from freshly caught fish to delicious desserts, our frozen foods range is designed to support every culinary endeavor.

Uncompromising convenience and the guaranteed freshness of our frozen products create an impeccable gourmet line.

Drakaris, Arcogel, Seppia Valkyria, and El Pulpo Diablo are the leading brands in our frozen sector.

Fresh products

The selection of fresh products is crucial for every chef, as it is for us. We take care of our products from storage to delivery to ensure the highest quality, integrity, and freshness.

Dac Meat Lab brand meats, Re Giulio’s cured meats and Baffo Verde’s fresh pesto are the leading brands in our fresh produce catalog.

misto di verdura
Mucchio tappi di sughero


A range of wines equal to the Italian wine scene: with more than 1,800 wine labels, we know the value of the sensory match between wine and food. For this reason, we have collected a wide range of wines to meet the needs of our customers.

Our sommeliers, in addition to carefully and precisely structuring the wine list, accompany the customer every step of the way with targeted and personalized advice. 


If creativity is the mind, our products are the arm. We know how important it is for a bartender to have high-quality beverage supplies. That’s why our range of cocktail mixes includes fine liqueurs, premium bitters, refreshing soft drinks and the finest spirits.

We complete our offering with the tools of the trade: from professional equipment to cocktail-making accessories, we have everything you need to create a flawless beverage experience.

piatti e posate biodegradabili

Non-food products

From food service cleaning products to compostable cutlery, from workwear to dispensers, our non-food product line is diverse and meets the needs of every food service professional.

We are aware of our environmental impact on the food service industry and have expanded our range of biodegradable and compostable products.

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Branded Products

More than 25,000 references. A wide range of private label products and hundreds of items from small producers of excellence who work with full respect for tradition and the authenticity of raw materials.



Our historic brand is a line that brings together all the typical products of Italian gastronomy, the basis of our cuisine.


Meat Lab

The result of the merger between DAC and Meat Lab, this brand represents our refined selection of meats, made up of 5 different lines.