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DAC Pizza Lab experts select the best pizza products through ad hoc testing and offer customer support to meet every need

A thousand taste combinations, one brand.
DAC Pizza Lab has selected the best products from the Italian culinary scene
to create the perfect pizza.

Impasto per pizza

Side by side with pizza makers

We’re on the same team: like every pizza chef, we want to deliver an explosion of flavor with every bite.
That’s why we have selected only the best products, from Apulia to Lombardy, to create a culinary masterpiece, a symbol of authenticity typical of the Italian tradition.

Thanks to exclusive commercial agreements, our selection of raw materials is unique in the entire food service market.


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Superior Pizza Flour, the essence of the germ

Molino Casillo goes back to the basics combining the original essence of the wheat germ with the most modern milling technologies to obtain flour with superior stability, perfect for long leavening times.

pomodori pelati la regina di san marzano

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The Queen of San Marzano, an explosion of flavor

Grown in the fertile volcanic soil of Campania, San Marzano tomatoes embody the authentic flavor of a land rich in gastronomic traditions.

Thanks to its firm, fleshy pulp (and low water content), Campania’s red gold is perfect for quick cooking and creating dense, flavorful tomato sauces.

Mozzarella taglio napoli Latticini Orchidea

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Fior di latte Mozzarella, Latticini Orchidea

Fior di Latte Mozzarella from Latticini Orchidea is the perfect combination of freshness and taste.

Thanks to the Napoli cut, this masterpiece of dairy art gives texture and creaminess to the mozzarella, bringing to the pizza the fruit of the best artisan tradition of Campania.

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